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Chemistry Lessons

A high school chemistry teacher has already been able to use the model to generate modeling support for chemistry lessons using new capacities of the Concord Modeling Workbench. He has already tested them in the classroom. These lessons will be available in the May 1 release of Modeler 1.2.

See a larger model with text built by the chemistry teacher. (This is experimental, and does not represent the final form of units of the project.)

Activities to date include:

Exploring Chemical Reactions

Collision Theory of Reactions

Effect of Concentration on Reaction Rate
Effect of Temperature on Reaction Rate

Chemical Potential Energy (set of 11 screen shots of the activities using dynamic models) (See 11 screen shots)

Exploring Potential Energy in Phase Changes
Potential Energy in Covalent Bond Formation
Potential Energy Curves and Activation Energy


Chemical Equilibrium and Le Chetalier's Principle
Le Chatelier and Temperature

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